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MY WEEK ! <3 [ 071905]
[ mood | excited ]

Todays Danielas birthday !! <3

Well  today Doug came over,I havent seen him in five weeks!!And im the first person hes hungout with since hes been back.Yesterday everyone went to Evans which was okay.Sunday family came over.Saturday was me and evans 1 year.He came over around two then around 6 we got ready to go out to dinner with frankie heather Julian and sammy.Afterwards we went to Evans.Friday lauren and I went to Frankies with evan and hungout then got ready to go to the movies.We saw(Fantastic four)Which I thought it was good.Then after the movies we all went back to frankies and hungout again.Thursday evan and I got to spend sometime with eachother then around 6 sammy Julian Frankie and Heather came over.I beat Sammy again in basketball!! lol Wedesday Jamie and I went bowling and met up with Adam sammy evan and frankie.I saw Jeff  Daryl and Chris there.Tuesdaybnight I slept over my bestfriends house.Which I have to do at least once a week!! =] Tommrow im surprising Jamie early in the morning then  Tyler Corey and I guess kyle are going to meet up with us at the park then later going to the movies with frankie lauren and evan.

This weekend  Jamie and I are going to go to naples then to our BSB concert lol.Then this  coming week is going to be a busy one.Beach  proab tueswed,shopping and more shopping then getting my nails and hair done on thursday.I cant wait =]

Leave some comments <3 sarah xo


12 Summer lovin

[ 070605]
[ mood | happy ]


Well I had lots of fun at Red White and Boom. =] I saw a bunch of ppl I havent seen in a long time,so I was very happy.I miss alll of them.Daniel Daniela Sammy Sandra Kayla Marissa Leigh Lindsey b. Craig Heather Rachel Mia Danielle Devin Jeff Jesse and i know im missing lots of other ppl.Lindsy and I went shopping before the event lol and I saw about four other girls with the same shirt as me but oh well.And we stayd out in the pool and got burnt alil,then I broke my cell for texting Matt back.But  my mom wasnt mad at all ,shes getting me a new one before school.Finally todaii I get a day to relax---Tomorrow Im going shopping with my mom and then going to the doctors.And We're getting clothes and a new swimsuit for our hotel in Ft.Myers beach.I cant wait!!!

VV Pixs from heathers camera

lots of love sarah -xo

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[ 070105]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well this week was good-it just get closer and closer to school which is exciting but at the same time upsetting.

Beach-movies-mall-hangingout just have a grand time lol.Todaii lindsy and I hungout with her sister Ashley and then went to the mall and found the cutest outfit for the Fourth.=] Yesterday we went to belltowers with Doug and this guy Jhon and saw War of the Worlds which was a good movie.Then later that night talkd to Daniela alittle(first time since the last day of school)Tuesday Danny lindsy and Brandyn pickd me up for the beach and then it started to rain and we met up with cassandra!!I havent seen her in forever lol  oh and her sis, Melissa, and two other guys from cape.And I felt so bad for the guy that got stuck in the trunk lol but it was hilarious what cassandra was making up with her imagination.(If they shoot the trunk of the car,he'll stop it for us so we dont have to worry)lmao.Im mad for not taking any pics...but oh well I guess.Jamie slept over all of last weekend =] went to the movies Friday with Evan Frankie his brother Julian and Sammy(saw bewitchd)Saturday hungout with Chris Devin and Jeff at the bowling alley Then jamie slept over again our plans for the late nite didnt work cause we werent in the mood anymore so we just hungout and talkd but still had fun.Hopefully she'll be staying over this coming weekend.And I cant wait till RED WHITE & B00M !!I hope I see a bunch of ppl there.


lots of love sarah - xo


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21 Summer lovin

6 months/1 year ♥♥ [ 061605]
[ mood | content ]

Summers been great -

Beach,Movies,Parties,hangingout with my bestfriends and my other friends and meeting new ones,ect....

This week was a pretty good week -Yesterday my plans didnt quite work lol But Tuesdays did -Heather and I went to Frankies then Evan came and we saw alittle of BruceAlmighty and Eurotrip.Monday Heather and I went to the beach,got some sun.Then Evan came by to say hi,then had to leave cause his family came down to visit.Later that night we went to Evans championship game -hungout with Heather Frankie and Evans family lol.Corey and Tyler were there too.It was a good game ,I actually knew what was going on.Afterwards I slept over Heathers-which was tonz of fun lol watching movies and talking .Sunday I went to Belltowers with Heather ,Pigd out with a bunch of food,while watching Brad Pitt on screen lol.CJ and Jesse textd me while they were having fun at the beach. Then Doug called to talk alittle & to say goodbye.He'll be gone for 5 weeks-Now whos going to come to my house at1 in the morning = [ Saturday me Heather Adam and Frankie went to evans.And of course we had fun.Friday Dakota Brandyn and Lindsy came to pick me up for the movies.We saw a bunch of ppl there then Jeff and chris joind us and saw Mr & Mrs Smith,which was really good by the way.Lindsys coming back tommrow from camp!! Then Thursday I went to sams house lol with Julian,which was fun.I beat him in pool and basketball.My stomach hurt from laughing so much.Well thats all I can remeber for now lol But Ive had a blast!! Today I think im going to Jamies house or Frankies again-which of course will be fun.Tommrow maybe Marquee ...

My journal is messed up-Im going to change it soon.

-Today is me and Evans 6 months,plus the other time we went out its been about a year!!long time for me lol.Had some trouble over some drama with other guys and girls.But we workd threw it.Ive never felt this way with a guys before, ill admit Ive never been more happier.

I hope everyones having a great summer !! = ] 

lots of love sarah

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My Week with lindsy = ] ♥ [ 052405]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This weekend was good

Friday went to the movies with lindsy cr devin Joey Daryl Jeff  Jamie Sammy and someother ppl.We saw Monster in law it was a good movie.

Saturday- Doug  came over and we hungout and i beat him  in basketball once again.Then later Adam came over and we playd again afterwards Dougs parents came to pick him up.So me and Adam  went to my room and watch the rest the game Braves Vs RedSocks ha they won!!Then lindsy came over ,Adam left around 11.Norman called us to go to his party at Ft.myers beach-which wasnt the best party.(but seniors can be realli dumb lol!)Then left to try to make it to rynas party but the cops came.

Sunday-Lindsy left then came back  so we can study for exams.Then we had to run  to my room to hide some of the pizza n cheese bread!lol( lindsy and I couldnt stop laughing cause i acidentally pushd him to hard he slipt and fell .Then i talk to lexii and some other ppl online.

Schools been okay-Me and Evan are doing good : ] But some stupid bitch is obssessd over muh boyfriend and writes him love poems called(hidden love)She says shes going to kick muh ass.But shes all talk -kayla S. and  I were talking about it at lunch.While all she did is give us a glare lol .Evan thought her poem was stupid so he throw it away ha !! And he said hes not going to waist his breath on her.that girl needs to stop being obssessed with everyone boyfriend juat cause she cant get one. But thanxs to everyones thats had muh back on the whole thing.I love you all !!Cant wait til thursday lindsy.

I  miiss muh movie buddies!Julian ,<3 lol Ill see you friday !

me and lindsy <33Collapse )
24 Summer lovin

[ mood | accomplished ]

I changed muh journal alil-Getting readii for Summer : ]

Well I havent updated in awhile so im doin it now.Saturday I went to Jamies Party.Daniela Frankie lindsey Stevi Sammy Ryan and some other ppl I didnt know where there and of course((JAMIE)) We Playd gamez,Watch alil of troy,ate some pizza, and went on the trampoline.Then Sunday Went to muh aunts house for Mothers Day.


Lindsy made us a cute notebook!So we've been writing in it everyday.(Brad got a haircut.)& it looks  Gadges class we shot rockets and Me and lindsys landed over by the football field.In math we had to write 3 NICE things about everyone and well  findout tommrow during after (our awards)lol.In P.E Me Lindsey Alyssa & Jeneal played basketball lost but had lots of fun.Vida talking more shit about us.Biology learnd about mosquitos Then MrsBaxelys class boring as usually.Then Spanish was easy .He hasnt really given us much work lately so its been good.


1ST period-Everyone who had drafting got out of first period to see the big rocket shoot.Me lindsy Cr Devin Scottie Stephen and some other guyz I didnt know Waited for awhile for the rocket.Then countdown started and Aaron got to be the one to press the button.It shot up then came straight down,Then BOOM!!lol Too bad lindsy didnt bring her camera. 2nd-Work 3rd-review sheet 4th-Went to the weight room for alil then I went to play basketball.Cant wait till tommrow,Vidas still been talking shit so tommrow I guess will be the day to confront her. 5-finish lab 6-test on the odessey 7th-some work. So school this week has been good.

I dunno wat muh planz are so far for this weekend.But ill proably findout tommrow.Daniela & I think there needs to be another party.I dunno yet about muh house so we were thinking a hotel at theFt.Myers beach.S0UND GOOD??Well I need to get some homework done.But tell me what you guys think.

Leave some commentz. Kiss kiss ♥♥♥

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Jamies Weekend : ] [ 050305]
[ mood | content ]

My weekend was good.
FRIDAY- Went to the movies with Lindsy.There wasnt that many ppl there.Daniela Robbie Mark Joshand there group Marissa sammy and someothers.Then me and lindsy walkd around cause we were broed.Saw Alex and Zack and someother ppl we didnt know,then Daryl & Jeff.I got to meet new ppl which I love doing lol! Then we went back to the movies for Daniela.Then me lindsy Jeff daryl and his friend Chris went to see this XXX movie.It was good.Then Lindsy slept over.Then Daryl called us to go out,so we did then he drove to Jennas,Jeff and Chris stayd there with Heather & Jenna.And me lindsy and daryl drove around for about a hour.Talkd to Cr then the phone died lol.Then went bak to Jennas for awhile then my mom kept calling so we had to leave.

SATURDAY- JAMIES BIRTHDAY!First made a quick trip to burgerKing then-We went to see the musical FAME! I loved it !!Juan gave me a werid tapp lol to say Hi.The Musical made me more convinced to go to Then we went back to Jamies and Pigdout!Had lots of fun.Then I got to hangout with her most of Sunday.So I had a good weekend.

Schools been okay nothing out of the normal.Me & Lindsy got to shoot our rockets Monday.Ours were one of the best of course.Now she sits in front of me in math,SO now its the for BUDS together again.ME LINDZ DEVIN & GAGE.In Gym some girl said that Me Lindsey Britt Alyssa & Jeneal threated her.WTF?.Shes just mad that her X likes Lindsy.Since she messd W/ Lindsy of course she got the rest of us mad.To bad britt didnt punch her in the face.But it was funny when she left the lockerroom ealry,the rest of the gurls were on our side._We'll see wat happens tommrow.
I miss Mrs.willams!I dont understand wat our new teacher says.She seperated me and Danielle todaii.And were always partners!Spanish was easy,Since Mr.Gomez isnt there we have easy work.At the end of class I talkd to these to guys who were cousins!Just talkd about the prom and how he got lucky that So schools been good so far this week.

I cant wait till this weekend _JAMIES PARTY!!I get to meet some of her friends from North. : ]

Leave some comments!_love ya.

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MY BANDMATE ! <33 [ 042805]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This weekend is jamies birthday & I cant wait.

I LOVE THAT GURL !! Ill be spending this weekend and next with her so its going to be fun.

THIS UPDATE IS FOR THE ONE AND ONLII -my bestestfriend : ]


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XOXO' [ 041905]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ITS ME! : ]

well I was realli bored so i just took a pick.

With my Aaron hat <3

Muh weekend was ok Friday danny took Me Lindsy & Daniela to the movies And met his friends that work in one of the stores in coralwood.ThenWalkd to the movies Saw a bunch of ppl.Then left the movies cause there was to much drama there.So we decided to go somewhere else but we were in the parking lot for awhile cause the guys were checking out eachothers cars.Then Sam Came and he wanted to race for fun against Jason.There were no Red lights,so we decided to go on veterans.Then got pullld over lol.Thankgod it was a Ft.Myers cop.Then we got some Micky Ds then home.Saturday Went out with Daniela Dakota Brandyn And 2 other guys from Cape.Then I slept over Danielas.Sunday Family came over cause it was my cousins Birthday.AND talkd to sarah leroux ,which I havent talkd to since 5th grade.Wow its been forever but im glad that you imd me.

Todaii was ok i guess nothing realli exciting but not so boring.

1st period(DRAFTING) Me and Lindsy did nothing as usual and still got an A cause Mr.Gage loves us.CR almost fifnishd our Rocket its lookin pretty good

2nd period(Fasse) Did all my work with no help at all.Lisend to him talk about how he is going to kill his brother when they Vs eachother at the powerpuff wrestling thing Tommrow.Which i am going to : ]       

3rd period(math)Took notes,And talkd to Devin Gage Lindsy & AAron.

4th period (PE) Ran the mile with Alyssa

5th period (Biology H.)Danielle & I Had to dissect a earthworm!EW. I had to cut it ,and she had to put the pins into it.We had to ask Chris Corey Doug & Nick for help but none of them really hepld us all they did was laugh with Josh &Patrick.I guess no one but me and Danielle heard the nosie that came from it.BUt we had fun(best part of my day) : ]

6th period(English)Talkd about "To kill a micking bird" then We had to write a paragraph about how we would feel if a classmate said a racial slur,lol me and Danielle had a good one.

7th period(Spanish2)Did lots of talking,And some work.

Then after class met up with Evan, then walkd to the bus ramp.

Well im going to go & do muh homework.Leave some commentz<3xo'

15 Summer lovin

la la la <3 [ 040605]
[ mood | Finally Updated! ]


Thursday-Me,Daniela and kaela went to Andrews,he had a lil hangout,I met some new ppl,& some guys from Pittsburg lol.Had a funny conversation with one that was really tipsy lol.Then Ryan got there with his realli nice car.And everyone decided to go to his house.Anthony and his two friends were there,jenna,alexis,mikey,& some other ppl.It was fun.(slept in the surfgirl room)lol
Friday-Daniela woke me up at 800!To go to the beach_Ryan took us at like 10 to pick up jenna and alexis then pickd up 2 other guys from the other night,then on our way to the beach another grl.Sammy Julian frankie Evan steven Bryan Alex Kami Alyssa ect ect were there.Then when I was leaving saw Mark Mike Robbie Cj and my brother.Afterwards Craig took me and Daniela to my house.Started getting ready to go bak to Ryans but felt realli sick,and burnt so i decided not to go.Then Craig came to pick up  Daniela and they went off and had lots of fun in Orlando.
Saturday-Dont rember wat I did in the afternoon but later Lindsy and Daniela came over.Then James came to pick us up,drove to Andys,met more ppl lol, stayd there for awhile then Norman took us to ft.myers beach saw  kalea and Andrew.Then Norman dropd us off at my house.
Sunday- Stayd home,ate dinner with my family,cleaned up the house.Then when Daniela came back from her Easter event she came to get me to sleep over her house.Hungout,and fell asleep on her couch.
Monday -Dont remember lol
Tuesday-Had a long sleep,got pissed cause my phone rang all morning,didnt answer once lol.Daniela came over woke me up and SURPRISED me with a Shopping day!Had lots of fun spending my money with Daniela.Then rushd home to get ready for LIZZIES PARTY_then Jamie ,Daniela,and lindsy came over and left to go to Lizzies.Lots of ppl we didnt know.But Sara Craig and Cj were there then we met Dakota and Brandyn.Afterwards Lindsy Daniela Jamie & CR slept over.
Wedesday-The gurlies woke up and got ready for the guys to comeover.IT was Me Jamie Daniela lindsy CR Frankie Evan Devin Ben and Adam.Had lots of fun : ] Then Daniela,& Jamie Slept over again.
Thursday-Woke up early again and got ready for the beach lindsy came and pickd us up,Hungout with Daniela Jamie Lindsy Frankie Evan and Adam.
Friday-MARISSAs BIRTHDAY! I went to the Movies and saw
"GUESS WHO" with Lindsy Frankie Sammy Daniela and Jamie.Saw ppl i didnt like.Found out they were telling some guy this lie about me.I thought something was going to happen when the movie was over but I guess they left early cause one of them cryd,not surprised cause she always does.
Saturday-Went to the bowling alley with Lindsy Frankie and Evan,met up with Daniela and her sister,with Craig,Lizzie and their friends.Wasnt the best night but ok.Then Jeff called me to hangout,saw him for 20min then went to danielas house and slept over.
Sunday-Stayd home and cleand,got organized again cause school was the next day. :  /
My SpringBreak was Lotz of Fun thanxs to all Muh Friends xO'
Monday-Normal school day
Tuesday-Another normal day.Daniela got ger BRACES off 
Im thinking of throwing another party soon_Cant wait! : ]
</font>EDIT:Carissa has a journal everyone! babi_riss :EDIT
25 Summer lovin

TW0 DAYZ!<33 [ 032305]
[ mood | sick ]

                    SPRING BREAK! 

                                                               I CANT WAIT!! : ]

                     WATS EVERYONE D0IN?

16 Summer lovin

<3</3<3 [ 031305]
[ mood | Thinkin ]

Sometimes ppl say they know you ,and they think they do,but they have no idea about the truth.I just wanna say_ I dont even know why we're not talking your the one that came to skewl game me that look and didnt talk to me.So dont say that I was the one who started this, it was you, I have no reason not to talk to you so I dont know wats your problem.And Wat do I want from everyone.?. Sorry babe, but I dont like the drama like you.**

This weekend was ok.

FRIDAY-was Fun...My Cousin came over and we got ready to go to the movies then Jamie came.Right when I got there I saw a bunch of ppl,then Cricket called me.He already was in the movies but He came out anyway.Then I saw Bryan and Stephen.SO we all decided to buy our tickets but they were soldout.So we had to wait for an hour N' half to get other tickets.We went walking to (Jamies and Sammys) bench lol then by the chinese restaruant.Hungout.Then back to the movies which was more packd.Saw ppl I havent seen In awhile&that I missed SOo much.And others that I Then heard ppl wanted to fight,which Thankgod they didnt cause both of them are friends of mine.Then when that was over Me,Jamie,my cousin,Chris,Bryan,Julian,Stephen,and Sammy went into the movies and saw"BE C00l".Before the movie talkd to this grl from skewl,had a funny conversation about a person we both dislike lol.Then when the movies started Chris and I textd through my celli,and talkd about stuff which was ok I guess.And me and my cousin were talking about stuff like actors,movies,music,and the beach.Then we left the movies and went bak to my house.Got home and fell asleep I was so tired lol.

SATURDAY-Jamie and I went to Albertsons and rented"The notebook"and"The Chronicles of Riddick"both were good movies.Then Adam came over like the last 30min of the movies and saw me and Jamie cry lol.Then we hungout till like 11 and than doug came over.Saw the other movie then went back to my room hungout&slept till like 4 then he went home.

SUNDAY-Jamie left(Thanxs babe had lots of fun with U&thanxs for talking to me about everything saturday night.ILY.)well then I tanned outside for awhile,and now im updating : ] well Im going to go and cleanup then watch *The notebook.

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<33 [ 030805]
[ mood | <3 ]

Well today and Yesterday was FCAT I think I did pretty good,I was worried for a second lol.well I cant wait till all these Testings are over!Kaela,Jenny and Alex were in Mrs.Niels class with me.IT was fun watching Shark Tale Me and Jenny couldnt stop laughing !THE SHRIMP! : ] This weekend was Okay--FRIDAY I was going to go to see the Redsocks with Tim But I said NO cause I thought I was going to see Frankie play some Baseball.Then had no ride at the last minute so I stayd home.But Im going next time cause Tim always gets Tickets to almost everything.So I talkd to Doug like all night about really weird stuff.Like If I would go on FEAR FACT0R,and wat would I .The next day I woke up and Lindsy calld me and I went to her house later and her lil Sis was having a Birthday Party so we went to Mikes house and hungout with him Alex and Nick.We lisend to music and just hungout.When we got bak to Lindsys we changed into our Pjs,eat cake&Pizza,and watchd a movie.SUNDAY I was home cleaning & I helpd out do the Laundry for the First time!!lol Well that was my weekend.

KEVINS Birthday is Tommrow & BRITTS is coming up!!

PS!Jamie Got a Livejournal! ~>Longing2b_loved

Well I gotta go-> Leave a Comment <3333

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My weekned~! [ 030105]
[ mood | calm ]

FRIDAY I went to the Basketballgame/Dance with Daniela.I Had soo.. much fun(Reminded me of old times) :'] I didnt see the whole game but it was funny watching the teachers play .lol.When I got in the dance It seemd boring ,but later on, Everyone was dancing.Afterwards I was soar but Glad that I went.

 SATURDAY I  had Planz with an old friend but they were cancelled,well that was ok L8ter that night I went to the Fair with Daniela and saw Craig,Lizzy,Mary,&JarredKurland,We use to be really good friends,I miss the kid [ ; I felt sorta out of place when I got there,But Daniela& Lizzy made it fun!WE were talking and im going to go to CAPE for a day to see how it is but I need to find a Freshmen to guide me...since Lizzys taken.

SUNDAY my mom made me stay home and clean the house and get organized.And shes taking me to go shoping for my good work! MONDAY was like BLAH!lol(Jamie)TUESDAY was like any ordinary day.

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<333 [ 022105]
[ mood | lisening to music ]

This weekend went by pretty fast.

Saturday I went to joels party.It was fun hanging out with Lindsy Joey Kami Alyssa Sandra Kayla Mike and everyone else that was there.Kami was so Adorable : ].lol

 Than Jeff came by with his brother and two other guys from Cape and wanted to hangout,I was going to go but Lindsy and Brit couldnt so I decided just to go home and call Doug.Then Doug came over and we hung out till like 3 cause I was falling asleep but we always have fun talking and hanging out. I cant belive that Joey has less than 30 dayz here,im going to try to hangout with him more.But im going to really miss him :'(

Today I had lots of fun at the beach with Jamie.(My Bandmate Forever)lol I dont get to hangout with her much since she goes to North but when were togeher we know how to have fun.: ] Well im going to go finish my homework



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<333 [ 021505]
[ mood | loved ]


How was everyones Valentines??? Well Monday I met Up with everyone at our spot.And saw Lindsy and Cr and then Evan.AWWW...He got me roses a stuffed teddy bear and choclate.I had to carry it the whole day cause there was no room in my locker : /AT the end of the day the bag was tearing lol and my friend Vicky had to help me so I could staple it. TUESDAY I got a BEAR from a Secret Admirar.I still dunno who it is tho???.I askd like anyone I could think of and I still dont know but I guess ill find out soon.Tommrow is me and Evans First MONTH!lol

 Well Im going to finish some homework<333

3 Summer lovin

VAl3nTiNeS DaY ToMmr0w<3 [ 021305]
[ mood | lazy ]

Valentines Day is Tommrow! <33

Friday I went bowling with Daniela Cory and Joey.It was fun...

Me and Cory VS Daniela and Joey.We lost!lol Well the first game I was doing pretty good but I have no idea wat happened to me my second game I lost the MAGIC lol and then the 3rd and 4th game I didnt really play. At the end of the night we went outside and hungout in the cold till we got pickd up.Then I went home N' Daniela slept over.And I woke up with a cold.Daniela left in the morning and then I slept the rest of the day and Sunday I didnt do anything ....  I have more to say tommrow ....

Leave One <333

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THE PARTY ! [ 020605]
[ mood | SuperBowl Sunday ]


 Well it started at 4 and Jamie was the first one to be there.Then more and more ppl came.IN total it was 54! PPl were hanging out and playing basketball,football,& Twister lol I went one on one with Chris and W0N lol and Ryan and CJ but they beat Me. Marissa was the PIMP there!lol Evan and I got to spend some time together ,And I got to hangout with ppl I havent in awhile!I foundout some stuff that I didnt want to cause I thought I was over it but after what I heard of  it,it made me think but hopefully I talk to whoever soon about so I can tell them how I feel about the whole thing.And Cr are and Lindsy are good now thanxs to me  . Well afterall that  was  good but it started changing when Anthony and Mikeys friends grabd some pizza and ran,AND they came bak!Then Mike got mad and they got in a huge agrument and were so close to fighting,IT was like all the freshmen guys VS 6 JRs.Then CR threw a football to there car ,and then they stopd and git out and there was another arguement,after that they left and came back with a 22 yr old.And then he started agruing that it was his car thet he hit and that he was in it or somthin(which he wasnt he was lieing)And then my mom was telling them t0 g0 BUT Cr and mike and some other ppl kept on talking which made it even worse.What I dont get why would a 22 mess with a freshmen? So that like wasted an hour. BUT over all I had fun after all the drama and stuff lol I got so much


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PARTY! [ 013005]
[ mood | Lindsy BDay Tommrow ]




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Planning A Party ! [ 012405]
[ mood | Talking TO C.J ]

WOW Finally my birthday is coming up!   FEBURARY 4TH!!!
Lindsy and I are having a DOUBLE PARTY Well Friday I went to the movies and saw COACH CARTER with DaNi Mark Bryan Josh Robby Kaela~>It was really good!!
Saturday I went to lindsys with DaNi and hungout,rented movies, and then picked up Frankie and Evan to come over and watch them and had a pillow fight,and watch frankie dance lol .And it was the day Evan and I broke up last year.
SundayI left Lindsys and went home to watch the game..

Well I have to finish doing homework...Leave A comment <33

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